Travelers Lover Gathering @ Noodle Doodle, Penang

I’m glad that have all the travelers lovers gathered together at a Noodle Doodle located at New World Park, Penang. Yes, Never forget thanks to Noodle Doodle as Venue Sponsor.
How was this happened just like that ?

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Before Chinese New Year 2015, met a famous blogger, ( both of us are sharing a same interest.
Decided meet up to share about our own traveler notebook.

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

That was my second time to meet up Sock Peng. (Actually, i ‘m so excited)
Hahaha …

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Both of us brought our stationaries & Sock Peng so kind to share a lot of Masking tape with me.
Ya, never forget about she did give me a small surprise  😀
She gave me a small notebook (Teddy Bear Theme) Haha…

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

After the first time gathering, both of us decided must gather other traveler notebook lover as well.
So let’s make the dream come true.
While counting down less than 24 hours, i spend a little time to draw the traditional boat noodle paint.

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

4th April 2015
First Traveler Notebook Gathering Event
Remember there was a friend all the way from Tai Peng (Ipoh). *so touching, all the way just for support the event*

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

After ice breaking section, we leave a simple message in other’s notebook. Hehe
Some of them require that i draw for them.
Haha, Can’t remember that day, i drew how many bowls of noodles.
Hahaha … It was very fun !

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Nice to meet you all!
Thanks for support the event and without each of you, the event could be not cheerful like this. <3Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Through this event, my pleasure to meet up a drawing teacher. (
This is what she draw. Yay ! I love this all, too bad teacher only have one copy of each design.
Looking forward to have her art work.

Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Drawing teacher are so kind that willing to draw a cute bear into my traveler notebook.
Well, she is handmade artist as well. 😀
If you would like to know more, always can view her blogspot for more info.
Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Thanks for lead me the limited blue edition Traveler Notebook for picture . Hehe …
Looking forward to own one for myself. (Hopefully)
Look at my silly face … Haha …
Travelers Notebook Gathering 2014  @ Penang

Once again, Thanks for everyone attended the event. Hope we can arrange another gathering again.
Yup. A lot of friends PM me about what am i using for coloring / where to get the color palate.

That is a Travel set water color palate, price from RM70 – RM 300 (Depends on what brand that you choose and how many colors.) If you would like to have them, you can visit :

1. Art Friend, The Garden
Address: The Garden, Lot T-213, Level 3  
2. Nan Yang Art Supplies, Petaling Street
Address: 136, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.
3. Chziplee Books & Stationaries, Bangsar
Address : Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Well, all of the above are my favorite hangout place.
I got my first watercolor palate from Art Friend.
If you love to draw, then just draw.
Let’s enjoy drawing. Keep it up !

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