Mabul Island – Sabah

After New Year Celebration at Singapore, straight away fly to Sabah,
Mabul Island for Open Water Diving Course.
Before talk about my trip,
I would like to share some of the photos that taken by my new Camera – Sony NEX 5R


We stay at a place where we can see the sunset everyday.
Every hours it was so special for me.  The cloud is keep changing, different type of boat will pass by …
Some evening, you can heard kid’s laughing …




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Some of the local people stay at the under water wood house


some of them will stay in the boat.


For all of the Mabul Kids, this is their toy …
Having fun alone or with few friends with this plastic boat or small “Sampan”


When i rolling my film …


Orange Starfish – which i taken from the dive centre.


Just walk around in the small village.


After tested Sony NEX 5R, its really not bad and convenient for travel.
What do you think? Are you enjoy all the sunset photos?

Stay tune for more details about Scuba Diving Course & My Zoomdate f2.8 outcome.
If you want to visit Mabul island, you can checkout for more information.

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