Lust @ Changkat


This was my first visit Lust @ Changkat.
#throwback Event
Went to Support DJ Mikezooka !
Hahaha , about few months back ~
Lust @ Changkat

Lust club located behind Hotel Istana, which very near with Changkat 🙂
we went there, before my beb fly off to Singapore.
Hi Beb ! Miss you so much ~
Miss the moment we always hang out …
Chill, Food, Club, Rose wine too !!

Lust @ Changkat

That night was really drunk like going to die soon.
Can’t remember what’s the reason make me so drunk …
That must be one of my friend crazily asked me drink …
& i also stupidly drink … >>> become drunk

Thank god, that i still have GOOD friends willing to take care me…
Erm … I puked all around the hidden corridor there …
I’m sorry  …

Lust @ Changkat

Drunk but still can #selfie here and there …
Not sure, what happen to me on that day …

Lust @ Changkat
Lust is a very small club but that day we went was not too crowed
At lease you still can breath inside the club.


Address :
Lust KL, Jalan Mesui, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Contact : +603-2142 0525

For more info, please visit


Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng, KL

– Bankers Room –
Restaurant. Lounge. Club

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Just launched few days ago.
Too bad that i was’t in the town that’s why i missed their grand opening.
yesterday, i was attending a private birthday party.
That’s why i am here !!!

Here we go,
Half of the space is the Restaurant & Lounge

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Glamorous Decoration with all the lights and mirrors

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Half of it, is for Clubbers
(Normally will start at 11 onwards )
Have see any club with a beautiful Long runway ?
Here it is. !!!
If you have any fashionshow / events you can consider Bankers Room.

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Bankers Room, do serve Western fusion gourmet and extensive liquor selections.
Let’s try their food.

Starter with Prawn

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

House Salad

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia PengBankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Minestrone Soup
Classic italian vegetables soup serve with italian garlic crostinni
*Love the soup*

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Main course
Miso Glazed Black Cod
serve with mussels Hoegaarden Beurre Blanc
*Delicious, but the portion is not enough for me *

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Roulade de Poulet 
*Just normal, taste like chicken rice ~ hahaha*
Actually i tried other main course as well :

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Duo of Lamb
Grilled Lamb Rack
The best main course compare with others

Grain Fed Ribeye
Serve with Merlot Butter sauce with bone marrow
Personally will think take the well cook will be nicer

Dessert : Banker’s Tiramisu
Served with port red wine
*Quite Good*

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Who’s Birthday celebration ?
Happy Birthday to the one and only Malaysia SuperModel Amber Chia !
Can you believe that she is a mom ?!
Gorgeous !
[Love this photo so much]
Happy Birthday Amber Chia

Bankers Room is a romantic restaurant which you can have candle light dinner with your lover.
However, personally will love to attend fashion show at Bankers Room as well.
The Runway is really impressive !
Looking forward to attend some fashion show at Bankers Room !

Address:  No. 28 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours :  11:00 – 03:00 daily

Reservation : 03-2142 3699

More information please check out their Facebook

Johnnie Walker Circuit Night Korea @ The Butter Factory 2013

was a Friday night that invited by my colleagues for
Johnnie Walker Circuit Night Korea
Have been a while didn’t step in The Butter Factory.

Wow ! What a nice decoration
Gold + Black & so Glittering ~

Johnnie Walker Event @ The Butter Factory

Walk around when the crowd was’t reach yet.

Johnnie Walker Event @ The Butter Factory

Photo credit to Johnnie Walker Facebook page.
Dear VDJ friend – X Marc !
Thanks for inviting me to have few shot of Gold Label !
Yeah ! Gold Label really smoother than others !
Can’t remember since when i don’t drink whiskey with soft drink
Actually i prefer Whiskey with plain water (without ice) so that i can taste the original taste of the whiskey.

Johnnie Walker - Gold Label

one night before i was digging my wardrobe …
(Too Excited but i have no idea what i’m so excited on)
Hahahahahaha …
Aiya, Girls always want to look awesome when going out for event … Since
i have been awhile stopped attend any events also
Since the theme color is Gold & Black, let me share with you my opinion of the colors:

Black –  Attitude + Mystery
Gold – Achievement + Wisdom

What’s your comment ?
Share with me !

Johnnie Walker Event @ The Butter Factory

My hair made me looks more feminine
Do you like it ? *Blushed*

Here you go, My stylo milo outfit of the day :
My new top purchased for few months ago & never get a chance to wear it
Now … finally i can wore it !!!
Zara Leather pant
Zara Black ankle boots
Bag bought from online * & it was sold out

Johnnie Walker Event @ The Butter Factory

Gold Glitter Skull !!!
Now i change my style to Feminine ROCK !
What do you think ?
Awesome right ?

Gold Glitter Bag

Bumped into few bloggers, models and students.
Hahaha …
* Surprise !!! *
Some of them can’t recognize me

You think i’m cool ? i’m just nothing and this blonde hair girl
She are coolest !

Johnnie Walker Event @ The Butter Factory
at first was thinking will leave about 1am
Who knows, bumped into different gang of friends
End up, i’m so busy running around for drinks and chit chat
and never ever forget to dance …

” Hi ya You are the wild one ”
Bello !
Club Rocker in the House !  
(Photo credit to stoutlager Travel aficionado ) Tq!

freda foong goes Crazy again !
Support support !

Providence @ The Intermark, KL

Have been 2 months didn’t go to any Party / Club.
Wanted to visit them so badly after i missed their soft launch event on July 2013.

Providence @ The Intermark

Finally get a chance to be there, of course i’m so excited because they branded as Luxuries Club yet is line with their portfolio of prestigious VIP club venues and celebrity hotspots; Filter Members Club and Mink, which took the Lion City by storm two years ago. It is set to deliver a decadent and luxurious premium nightlife experience with a plush interiors, the finest table service and bottle popping culture
*In another words > High Class Club*

No doubt the Club is really style in luxurious yet the audio visual system is really awesome compare with other clubs
the first OLED lighting system KL clubs has ever seen (stated in other media)
made me almost blind !!!
*So sorry that i don’t really enjoy that Awesome lighting ~ I just too young potato [生番薯]*

Providence, 27 Sept 2013

A short video clip taken by my Iphone 5.
What’s make them are so Luxurious & Privilege ?
A lot of hottest, handsome tourist  & richer Business VIPs.
That’s why.
How was the environment ?
Hopefully they can get better air purifier system to make their VIPs more comfortable

Smog surrounded & worst
After 2 hours smoked, eyes getting more watery and painful.

Providence, 27 Sept 2013

Kind a disappointed on the Hottest / Luxurious / Privileges Club
If you are interested to visit :
Location : Lot G19, Ground Floor, The Intermark, 182 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
For Reservation : 017-291 2396 / 010-242 5790.

The Butter Factory Club @ KL

Personally like their logo and the theme color.
Gold (Yellow) with Black.
It really show that is a standard place to have fun & no “seafood friends” around.

Butter Factory KL

When they just launched the Butter Factory in KL, it was so happening.
I remember that time, everyone talking about their lighting.
Yes, that was awesome.
Few months later, personally think that was’t good like pervious time.

IMG_5786 copy

Simple layout & straight forward design which is really comfortable.
Chinese New Year decoration in the club as well.

IMG_5791 copy

VIP Table which located at ground floor & first floor.
if  you are happening people, highly recommend enjoy ur night at ground floor. 😀

IMG_5792 copy

Woohoo… Here is the DJ Console which placed on the stage there.
Girls are welcome dance on the stage too… Dance together with DJs or VDJs …
Dont be shy ! 😀
Personally would like to intro the 2 Handsome Video DJ from the Butter Factory,
DJ Cliff & DJ X Marc
They are good in playing top 40 song, old / new school, RnB, Hip Hop and more others.

IMG_5787 copy

Finally i appear … Lol
Thanks for My Teacher dress me up like this.
Hip Hop Girl in the Butter Factory.

IMG_5805 copy

For more promotion at the Butter Factory,
please visit their facebook page

For table reservations,
+6017-2686566 OR +60321419998