A Night Cafe, Midsummer Night @ OUG

Recently One of my Bff, she always checked in @ this Midsummer Night 仲夏夜 Cafe.
I think one day, if i can’t reach her, i will direct go to this cafe to find her !  XD

MidSummer @ OUG

Thank you so much. You brought me to this awesome cafe which located at OUG.
She shared her favorite cafe with me, and so i would like to share this happiness with you all too.

MidSummer @ OUG

A place collected a lot chinese movie prints & place it on the wall.
At the begging i thought this cafe are selling DVD / VCD or even people go there for movie … LOL !
Definitely i was wrong.
They will change the decoration every 3 months. 😀

MidSummer @ OUG

She ordered her favorite Black Coffee 🙂
Too bad, that night i don’t feel wanna have coffee so i skipped and took a sip from her coffee.

MidSummer @ OUG

The only Food that Midsummer serve – Egg Rice !
If you wish to have light dinner, yes, you can try this !
For me, i think this is quite healthy.

MidSummer @ OUG

Well, this is the Midsummer Cafe’s Ambassador ! XD
She almost everyday check in …
Tried all of the beverage and cake … 😀
I think this place become her second home as well.
Hahahahaha …
MidSummer @ OUG

First time i try this – Egg Rice … 😀
Hmm… I’m a hungry ghost.
All time eat non-stop !

MidSummer @ OUG

Yay ! Tadakima-su !!!

After that, both of us …
Very busy with our own work …
She busying email & i busying blogging …

Of course, we never forget about the dessert.

MidSummer @ OUG

i was thinking wanna try their Apple Earl Grey Cheese Cake … T.T
Too bad, sold out already …
ended with Poppy Seed butter cake.

Guess what they are doing ?

MidSummer @ OUG
Cafe owner were having fun with customers. 😀
The owner of Midsummer is a magician aka writer come with lecturer  ….
LOL !!! Talented Business man … !!!

If you want to visit this cafe,
Please remember they only open at 7pm – 12am (Weekdays) ; 3pm – 12am (Sat & Sun)
Closed on Monday
36A, Jalan Awan Hijau,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone : 03-7971 2345

For more latest news, please check out their facebook 

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    Yeo Chang Keat

    I think I saw you just now in the cafe (my last visit before this was 2 months ago).
    Now you have became the regular after your friend, do try their ufo game if you have the opportunity

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