A journey starts with a dream, which is why you are here

About Me

Freda Foong is a part time professional freelance model based in KL, Malaysia. Despite being only 170cm, Freda has been featured in different online and print media. Nevertheless, she was the Finalist for Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2012, 2nd runner up for Miss Global International Malaysia 2013, Top 3 for Miss Malaysia Tourism - Represent KL state 2012.

The name Freda is of Old German origin which means "Peaceful". My mum hoped that I could be a good and peaceful girl which is why I'm named as FREDA. Freda Foong is not just a name but a BRAND! A brand for myself.

When I was a teenager, I have never thought of becoming a model. My ambition was to be a talented lawyer (inspired by watching too many Hong Kong dramas) and my mum taught me that a lawyer could earn more compare to other occupations.

Years later, I found that my interest lies in art, and I had plans to take design courses in my college. Too bad my family didn't approve of my decision, so in the end, I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication (Public Relations). After graduated, i still never give up my interest. Drawing and journaling become part of my life and keep practice it on daily basis.

For my first show, I was involved in helping a friend for a pageant show, and from there I found my passion for modeling. I learned catwalk by observing other contestants and sometimes I would searched on Youtube to learn how Victoria Secret's models walk, pose and the way they express themselves while on stage.

  • I learned to be who I want to be
  • I learned from failures. It motivates me and help me to improve myself. I believe everything happens for a reason!
  • A journey starts with a dream, which is why you are here.
  • Life is just like a book, everyday is a new chapter with new adventures to tell, things to learn, pain to heal, tales to remember and things to share. This is why I want to share my experiences with you all.

You must be curious why I love modeling so much. When you are modeling, you are creating a picture, a still life and perhaps something like a silent film. You can convey emotions using only your body.

To find out more about my personal lifestyle, you can check out my blog. I blogged a lot of my artwork, photography, traveling and others.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of my family members and friends, who always support, motivate and brighten up my life. If you need a personality / blogger / model for your coming up event, please do not hesitate to contact me at contact@fredafoong.com.