DASH HOTEL Seminyak, Bali | A Red Upside Down Rabbit

Dash Hotel Seminyak in Bali
A red upside down rabbit

Dash Hotel located in Seminyak, Bali is the coolest hotel ever I have been to. Seminyak surrounded variety restaurants, live band bars, popular villas and also fancy hotels. After go thru all the reviews and galleries, decided to check out Dash Hotel as attracted by the red upside down rabbit !

Dash Hotel 是一間非常獨特風格的精品酒店位於 Seminyak, Bali 而在 Seminyak 這一帶圍繞著許多有名氣的度假酒店。在篩選之下最後還是選擇入住與眾不同的酒店並且可以拍無數的照片。【這才是重點 😅 】

The Service

Dash Hotel Seminyak
The reception area of Dash Hotel in Seminyak, Bali.

Every Dash Hotel has a different rabbit with a different colour and a different personality. Then I only realise Malaysia do have two different Dash Hotel, which are Dash Resort Langkawi and Dash Box Putrajaya.

踏入 Dash Hotel 的大廳和登記櫃檯就是那麼的創意。可以看見登記櫃檯的設計是一個巨大的算盤。到處看看時,才發現 Dash Hotel 原來在馬來西亞已有兩間不同設計的酒店,分別是 Dash Resort Langkawi Dash Box Putrajaya

Welcome drink from Dash Hotel Seminyak
Welcome drink

Received a warm welcome from the staff during checking in Dash Hotel by sending a refreshing welcome drink and chocolate. How sweet are they !😊

當你登記入住時,客服人員會為旅客送上一杯非常清新的 Welcome drink 還有很好吃的巧克力但因為自己太嘴饞就一口吃了也忘了拍照。清新飲料也來得非常即時,剛好能為你解熱。

Dash Hotel Seminyak in Bali
The Dash Bunny with Swimming pool

離開登記台後,來到兩層樓高的巨大兔兔🐰就是 Dash Hotel 的主角。巨大兔兔前就是 Dash Hotel 與眾不同的游泳池。誰說游泳池一定要是藍色?紅色就是一種態度。厲害吧!

The Room – Dash Deluxe

Dash Hotel Seminyak in Bali

How lucky that the lovely staff managed to get us free upgraded our room to Dash Deluxe! The room come with all sorts of furnishings and the main wall covered by colourful graphic painting. Let’s take a closer view : –

Dash Hotel Seminyak in Bali

A simple mini bar which included mineral water, tea & coffee. nothing fancy but I found something at the other end.

房間裡備有簡單的茶、咖啡、礦泉水等。特別喜歡 Dash Hotel 的浴袍裝;大膽的底色配著紅色兔兔。一點都不犯規並拍照也很出色!

The passion kit from Dash Hotel Seminyak

‘The Passion Kit’ with a tin of red bull. 😅 Well, if the ‘the passion kit ‘isn’t put back on the shelf by then, the hotel automatically charges you for it. Somehow I think that is a good idea to remind young couple should practice safe sex.

讓人覺得好害羞的就是在 Dash Hotel 的房間裡還有這一些🔞 成人用品。在你緊急時刻可立刻使用。 其實個人覺得 Dash Hotel 管理層還蠻細心的,他們會提供這些安全措施讓情侶可以盡心又安心。

Dash Deluxe in Dash Hotel Seminyak

The room is an open studio concept with a bathtub in the middle of the room. Love that bathtub ! Is a must to take a good soak after a long day walk.

完全是浴缸🛁控的我最開心就是看見它擺在房間中!我的天啊,一開房間門就看見它,完全就是讚!那麼大膽的設計的 Dash Deluxe 非常適合情侶或是新婚的夫妻喔!男朋友們,要預定這樣的房間喔!😅

Dash Deluxe Room in Dash Hotel Seminyak

A red signature rabbit leaning upside down on pillows to complete the most unique design.

一目了然 Dash Hotel 的房間;床上出現倒地紅兔兔。而剛才所看見的浴缸就是擺在床後。

Dash Hotel Seminyak  - Balcony
A private balcony with blue man

All the rooms feature a private balcony with either street or swimming pool views. One of the advantages staying in Dash Hotel, Potato Head Beach Club, one of the popular and happening beach club just right opposite of you ! Well, if you are ‘party animal’ then you definitely must check out !

不管你入住在哪一間房間都會有個小陽台,而從這望出去可看見人來人往,餐館和有名的 Potato Head Beach Club。至於我這藍藍的伴侶,只有向著外的房間才有;這也是路人看見它都會慢下腳步的原因。

The Experience

Dash Hotel in Seminyak Bali

Dash Hotel is a hip and stylish yet affordable place to stay in Seminyak. It’s especially suited to fun-seeking travellers and who will value the central location. Never forget to checkout their Rooftop bar and jacuzzi as well. Personally love the true Dash experience staycation and definitely recommended for young couples !

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For more information, you can visit Dash Hotel official website
更多關於 Dash Hotel in Seminyak, Bali 可以瀏覽官網

DASH HOTEL in Seminyak, Bali
Address: Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, 80361 Bali – Indonesia
80361 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Telephone : +62 361 3004666

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