Casio G-SHOCK 35th Year Anniversary @ Pavilion KL

Casio G-SHOCK was celebrating 35th Year Anniversary last week at Pavilion, KL. The 35th Anniversary celebrations was kick off with a grand launch by Lego Sam and his crew of B-boys deliver their hair-raising power moves on stage to signify the launch of G-SHOCK’s 35th Anniversary.

The backdrop for the spectacular performance was a specially curated art canvas by prominent graffiti artist Kenji Chai. Kenji’s interpretation of G-Shock’s Absolute Toughness is depicted in a vibrant giant canvas that instantly catches the eye.

The roadshow was chronicled the history and evolution of the classic 5600 series, also known as the Origin Series, which evolved from the first-ever GShock DW-5000C. The Origin Series which will be displayed for the entire duration of the roadshow, earned G-Shock its Absolute Toughness reputation through a combination of four core components – Structure, Function, Design and Material.

Another activity was emphasize G-Shock’s toughness is the King of the Hammer! There were 3 visitors manage to won actual G-shock watch during the launching ! It was successful event and of course thanks for having me !

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