Caffe Bene 3 in 1 Premium Coffee |Win RM 10k worth prizes!

话说3年前,韩国第一连锁品牌咖啡馆 Caffe Bene 高调进军马来西亚;在开幕仪式中还有金秀贤来当代言人哦!如今 Caffe Bene 还推出自家咖啡,方便消费者无时无刻都可以享受着他们喜爱的咖啡。Caffe Bene 非常强调他们的口号 REAL BEAN ! REAL Coffee 所以在他们推出的咖啡中都会有微研磨咖啡豆[Premium 3 in 1 Premix Coffee with Micro-Ground Bean]

爱喝咖啡的朋友在这带着阴凉的天气,听着 Cigarettes After Sex 的歌时如果人不在咖啡馆,那么只好自己泡杯香浓的咖啡。Caffe Bene 近来推出自家白咖啡即冲咖啡。根据商家广告,Caffe Bene 这款的白咖啡可是使用深烘培[Dark roasted];咖啡味道微酸中带苦,香气及风味皆佳,自己相当喜欢的一款。

Caffe Bene 3 in 1 White Coffee 
A blend of Dark roasted Fusion Coffee with distinctively rich and strong taste. Its well – balanced and tantalizing flavour will keep you coming back for more. Fit your body with energy and kick-start your day with this delicious coffee every day.

Caffe Bene 还推出中度烘培的焦糖卡布奇诺 Caramel Cappuccino ;喜欢酸性较重带点焦糖的朋友将会喜欢这款。

Caffe Bene 3 in 1 Caramel Cappuccino
A blend of Medium Roasted Fusion coffee with a smooth, creamy and bitter-sweet caramel flavour. A delightful choice for a stress free moment Indulge yourself your travels or your parties with this sweet dreamy treat

当然如果爱喝咖啡的又怕肥的女生们则可以选择Caffe Bene 特别研发富含高纤维并采用低脂肪奶哦!

Caffe Bene 3 in 1 Slim Caffe latte
A blend of Dark-roasted Fusion Coffee combined with reduced-fat creamer and natural sweetener. Specially formulated for those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and weight control with lower fat, calories and Glycemic Index. High dietary fibre helps improve digestive system and clean after-taste to refresh yourself.

喝 Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee 就有机会赢取价值高达 RM 10,000 礼品哦!此活动直到 30.06.2018,现在就马上跟着以下的步骤:
1. 在任何一家 Caffe Bene 分行购买 Caffe Bene Premix 或是在官方购买[免邮费]
2. 扫描以上的 QR
3. 填写资料[记得收好购买据单]就可以啦!

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