TIFFIN Food Court 2017 最创意新颖美食中心

TIFFIN Food Court is HERE ! START from Tomorrow ! Are you excited after seeing all my insta stories (@freda.foong) ? 😎 TIFFIN Food Court, a Cashless 3-weekend long thematic fiesta event serving cuisine from 16 countries like you’ve never encountered, such as Afghanistan, China, Spain, Mexica and Vietnam.

大马 2017 最创意新颖美食中心 Tiffin Food Court 将会在 8/12/17 正式开放至 24/12/17。

Tiffin Food Court设在面积达3万平方英尺的废置仓库,超过30家食肆和伙伴合作创造这终极多层次的美食中心体验,展现各种美食包括人们最爱的小贩中心食物和以非正式手法呈现的美味高级料理。

My pleasure to attend the exclusive media launch & enjoyed everything from Tiffin Food Court with friends ! Don’t forget to take#OOTD Shoot at Tiffin Food Court (A dozen awesome places to do the #OOTD )
荣幸的被邀出席2017年度最创意新颖美食中心 – Tiffin Food Court ; 让自己大开眼界怎么让美食中心也混入艺术中。Tiffin Food Court 的建筑风格与众不同;天花板悬挂灿烂和视觉上充满活力的彩带,与地面如万花筒般的美食摊位相互辉映,还以为自己在游乐场中呢!你准备好了吗?明天就开始咯!

此嘉年华拥有超过 30家食肆,特别展现大众喜爱的小贩中心美食和以非正式手法呈现高级料理😱 这是大家都会爱上的生蚝!在发布会当天,自己也抵挡不住美食的诱惑,一个晚上就品尝了大概20档口的料理!太疯狂了,但我真的好开心哦!

The Eatery -The vibrant main dining hall where everyone congrefates to eat will feature thematic rooms and bars that serve coffee, cakes and alcohol / non-alcoholic drinks.

Tiffin Food Court 的建筑风格完全就是与众不同;天花板悬挂灿烂和视觉上充满活力的彩带,与地面如万花筒般的美食摊位相互辉映。在这3万平方英尺的废置仓库的空间也分隔的有好几个主题在内,除了 The Eatery 以外还有:

The Red Hall – Play a game of pool between bites and sips in the Chinoiserie-themed Red Hall.
中国风味主题的红色大厅里轻嚼小吃和啜饮饮料,再顺便玩一场撞球游戏🎱 吧!不同的周末将会有不同的特别节目哦!Special theme : 8-10 December : Pop Up Dining KL | 15-17 December : MadHatter Dessert’s wonderland

One Up Arcade – Munch, crunch, and play an assortment of games like pinball and arcade machines. (Free of charge for all the games !!! )
霓虹灯的 One Up Arcade 吃零嘴和玩各式大型电玩!完全就是忘我的在玩![全免!]
8-10 December : Define:food’s casual European cuisine
15-17 December :Dewakan x Studio’s Delicious

Mezzanine Cocktail Bar – Indulge in hand-crafted cocktails amidst lush botanical decor by The 2017 Bar Awards Kuala Lumpur Bartender of The Year, CK Kho of Bangsar’s Coley and gin bar Pahit.

Mezzanine cocktail Bar menu

🍸 4款创意鸡尾酒  [ 设计与布置都是来自 2017年度酒吧奖Bangsar Coley & Gin Bar Pahit, KL]

So much fun at Tiffin Food Court, recommend you guys come and experience it ! Tiffin Food Court will start from Tomorrow to Sundays (Weekend only), 8 December to 24 December from 5pm till late night ! Let’s hangout at this awesome place with your family and friends !
You can even use UBER code “TIFFINUBEREATS” to redeem 4 rides worth RM8 each to/from Tiffin Food Court.

Tiffin Food Court里有许多好吃好玩的都在等着你们亲身挖掘!😉 温馨提醒:喝酒的朋友;不驾车
不驾车的朋友即可使用 Uber 的 Promo code :「TIFFINUBEREATS」从/到Tiffin Food Court 就能享受 RM 8 的的折扣😌

Tiffin Food Court
Address: Lot No.1, Jalan SS8/6, Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, Petaling Jaya
Business Hours :
 Friday – Sunday | 5pm – late night
For more information please check out tiffin.my 

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