Watsons X MyDigi Rewards on Every Monday’s !

Exclusively for Digi users, just download the MyDigi app, then purchase the offer and redeem the Superdeals at any Watsons store nationwide.
DIGI 用户们,今天就下载 MyDigi App 吧!更多的优惠等着你们去挖掘~!

Watsons & MyDigi Rewards Monday Special Media Launch – Is time to get yourself a Digi Sim Card !
还不是Digi 用户的朋友,那么你现在可以考虑下Digi!而我也有了Digi号码!

Watsons & MyDigi Rewards Monday Special was launched on 9 October 2017 by Danny Hoh, Customer Director, Watsons Malaysia; Francis Chang, Head of Customer Management, Digo Malaysia; Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia; How Li Ren, Head of iTelco, Digi Malaysia at Watsons Sunway Pyramid.

昨日 Watsons & MyDigi Rewards Monday Special 发布会成功!

As Watsons VIP member, we get to enjoy 15% off mobile accessories at selected 33 Digi store nationwide when we flash our Watsons VIP card from 16th October, 2017. This promotion is valid for one year.

从16/10/2017,Watsons VIP 会员亲临指定的Digi 商店购买任何电话零件并享受高达 15%折扣!

A quick intro of Watsons Monday Superdeals via the TVC “The Sounds of Savings”.

NO more Monday Blue ! Now you can enjoy Watsons & MyDigi Rewards Monday Superdeals as low RM0.99 ! Now there’s a reason to look forward to Monday’s!  YAY !

每逢星期一都可以享有特别优惠最低从 RM 0.99 起就可以购买 Watson指定产品。记得要下载 MyDigi App 并在App里购买哦!期待下个星期一的到来!

For more information, please visit:
Website: www.watsons.com.my    | Facebook: fb.com/watsonsmalaysia

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