KOSE 口紅的雨衣,你知道嗎?

Kose Lip Gel Magic


KOSÉ雪肌精最新推出的是這「無時無刻都可以保持完美的唇妝」KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

Kose Lip Gel Magic

[NEW] KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic is here to save your trouble !
With one single swipe, this maximum strength lipstick top coat gel protects your lip colour from fading, even after drinking or eating. It also helps to prevents lipstick from staining on cups or clothes.

Kose Lip Gel Magic

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic 是能精密貼合唇部更添加保濕成分「包括玻尿酸・深海魚油」並不會影響原本口紅的顏色。把KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic 在口紅上輕輕的塗抹一層,那麼就可以防止口紅掉色或是印到杯子和衣服上了。這麼一來,在派對上就不用一直擔心口紅掉色啦!

喔對了,看見ESPRIQUE品牌?這化妝品牌是 KOSÉ 雪肌精旗下的化妝品牌。:) 同時也試用ESPRIQUE 的 RD490口紅 「深暗紅色」。朋友都說我,每次都是用暗紅,就沒有別的顏色嗎?有,你看這一篇吧 ~ ESPRIQUE 口紅 還真的把我嚇到因為顏色非常顯並將唇紋都可以蓋上。

For maximum transfer-proof result, use together with KOSÉ lipsticks [ESPRIQUE by KOSÉ ]. I’m using ESPRIQUE RD490 ( Deep coloured cherry red ). This lipstick provide a rich shine and deep moisture function. Yet, its so easy to apply 🙂

How to use KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic ?
1. After applied lipstick, give the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic tube a good shake with the cap on. Ensure the gel within turns semi-transparent after shaking.
2. Press a small amount of KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic , about the size of a grain of rice onto your fingertip.
3. JUST Swipe evenly over your lipstick ~ <3

Kose Lip Gel Magic


個人心得:其实要把KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic 涂在唇上,有点不方便。因为它属于比较水,要把它涂上会导致哪里都是。让我有点狼狈。如果要100%不會印到,是不可能。它也許只能減少口紅掉色而已。

Here are the result by using ESPRIQUE Lipstick by KOSÉ + KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic.
For more information, follow KOSÉ Malaysia on Facebook : www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia
or visit KOSE Malaysia website at www.kose.com.my

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