Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

This is another favourite cafe, which located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
The name of Mochu Locco Zakka origin from the bosses’ name.
i found it is so sweet and close to both of them.
Well, how do i know about these, eventually i know it from FoodInk Malaysia listing.

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe 特別的名字來自老闆們的又名。哈哈!

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Why this place become one of my favourite place?
This is because of the cozy environment yet with natural sunlight.
Most important is a quite place.


Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Living in city must be a lot of stress, but if you would like to give yourself some own sweet time with reading books or drawing, here will be the first choice.


Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

I will spend whole day at Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe at every visit.
Well, i prefer come alone with all my art stuff.


Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Sunlight, Food & Flower,
they really cheer me up.
Stress free ! Yeah ~
不知道為什麼,就是從心樂了起來 ⋯⋯

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras
Dreamy Milk Tea, my all time favourite.
Smooth milk match with lavender favour, most important is not too sweet.
If you love Sweet potato, then you must try another signature : Purple Sweet Potato Latte.
Please take note that, these drinks [xxx latte or green tea latte, etc ]
do not contain any Caffeine. unless you order “Latte” then yes.
Mocha from Mochu Locco Zakka cafe also very concentre, MUST TRY as well !

其實,Mochu Locco 還有其他很特別的飲料,
就比如:Purple Sweet Potato Latte 「紫番薯拉鐵」甜度都是來自蕃薯本身,並沒有附加任何醣分。
還有 Mocha「摩卡」非常的重口味的朋友,這是不一般的摩卡。

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

While i having my Dreamy milk tea …
當喝到一半時,感覺上中間有東西冒出來~ 傻了一下!

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

LOL ! i saw a bear inside my cup ! it is so cute !
I did asked the owner, do they sell any cup like this, too bad.
I wish i can have one as well.

哈哈!很可愛的熊冒了出來。非常特別的一款杯! 店裡還有不同的幾款。呵呵

Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Button Mushroom Baked Egg with bread, High recommended !!!
This is my all time favourite. Every visit, never miss this out.
Mix it while still hot so that the egg can completely cook.


Mochu Locco Zakka Cafe @ Cheras

Turkey Ham & Cheese Hole Wheat Bagel
Simple healthy home cook breakfast is still the best for me.
A Wheat bagel serve with Turkey ham and cheese ~ Delicious
Although the bagel have slight hard to chew, but i think it is normal for bagel, right?
hehe. another best place to have bagel is located at The Mug Shot, Penang.

Overall, there is limited menu with home cook food and beverage.
What’s make me addicted to here ?
mostly is because the environment, where you can put down your phone, laptop and work.
Hahaha. work and life must balance.

Lastly would like to comment, most of the people do not know how to reduce their volume when they chatting with friends.
Just a friendly reminder, that no people love a cozy place become a pasar malam. LOL !



否則美好環境舒適的地方都成了茶餐室了。那有多可惜啊 ⋯⋯

2A-D, Jalan BS 9,
Taman Bukit Segar, 43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Telephone : 03 – 9100 2895
Business Hours
Monday : 2pm – 7pm
Tues-Wed: 2pm – 10pm
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 2pm – 10pm
Saturday : 12 pm– 10pm
Sunday : 12 pm –8pm

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