Red Leaf Kyoto, 愛上完美的楓紅

Kyoto Japan 2015 TripPersonally LOVE Maple a lot. Remember my first visit to Taiwan many years ago, and i collected a lot leaf from the roadside. Well, just can’t explain it.
Leaf with RED colour ! Haha ! If you love RED Leaf, then you must visit Jingo-ji! (A Buddhist Temple in Kyoto)


Kyoto Japan 2015 TripNever know until visit Japan … Local fry maple leaf as a food. 🙂
Haha. Too bad, i didn’t get the chance to try it cause most of my friend don’t want to try it. LOL
油炸楓葉,你吃過嗎?我就是沒有那衝動想要嘗試所以就拍照了事 ⋯⋯ 呵呵!
Kyoto Japan 2015 TripI really do love maples a lot. Feel so great to see them flying all over the place. The whether was below 27.c My lovely Fred Perry white shoes with maples ! <3
滿地楓紅,真讓我想躺在地上與它們遊戲! 哈哈 ~

Kyoto Japan 2015 TripRemember don’t ever pick their flower or leaf direct from the tree. If someone see that, they will complaint. And i got this from the floor, choose the most perfect one. 😉 yay !

Kyoto, Japan 2015My kind of OOTD at Kyoto, Japan !

Kyoto, Japan 2015

Kyoto, Japan 2015

As you can see my #ootd is really awesome ! Not because my clothes or myself, all is because my friend, ERIC ! He was the one who helped me !
Once again Thank you my friend !


Kyoto Japan 2015 TripWhen the maple still fresh and RED ! <3 If you love to collect some different stamps from the template, i will suggest bring along with your notebook 🙂
You will never know where and when you will find one.


Kyoto Japan 2015 Trip  when get down from Jingoji, you will manage to see a slightly bigger open air tea house. We ordered some different soba and udon as our lunch. Taste of the food not that bad. In Japan, most of their food also not bad because local very good in quality control.

當從神護寺走下來時,會看見有個特大間的茶館「露天的茶館」滿地鋪滿楓紅⋯⋯ 真的讓人忍不住要到裡面歇息一會。當然走了一早的路程定要點食物來醫飽肚子! 食物就不多介紹了,我們點的都是soba和udon麵而已。味道還有口感都還不錯,也許在日本很難會吃到不好吃的食物因為啊日本人自己都非常講究素質 ~ Kyoto Japan 2015 TripKyoto Japan 2015 TripKyoto Japan 2015 TripView from where i sat. impressive.
當時就坐在這,抬頭看 ⋯⋯ 彷彿楓葉都把我的心帶走了 我像是賴死不走地要坐著守護著它們~

Kyoto Japan 2015 Trip
I love the view so much but still need to explore the next station. We walk from : Jingoji > Saimyo-ji > Kozan-ji
當然最後我還得走,走到下一站⋯⋯ 當天我們的行程: 神護寺 > 西明寺 >  高山寺 * 神護寺和高山寺各自都要花500元作為入門票

kyoto, Japan 2015

The pictures above and below were specially taken with my zoom date f2.8, loaded Rossman 400 film.

kyoto, Japan 2015

* Well, if you would like to see more photos, you can visit my pervious post (all taken with film camera & you will surprise the outcome) at  >> Here 
如果你想看更多風景照,可以點擊這裡 「更多使用膠片所拍的照片」

Kyoto Japan 2015 TripRemember last night, i spent a lot of effort to write all my love note to all my #bff ? Now, let’s pray all of these postcard will safe flight to my bff’s house door.

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