Day 1 at Kyoto ✈ 京都的那一天


Japan Kyoto Trip 2014
Miss my Japan Trip so much. Last time, my friend told me once you travel to Japan and then you gonna addicted !
Well, that’s very true. So far only Japan make me feel want to revisit again. Highly recommend read the previous blogpost before continue at here.  Thank god that i keep journal with my Travelers Notebook at this journey so i won’t miss some of the details.
Well, i must keep journal every trip and make sure will become better. 🙂



Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

Today, wake up at 6 am (Japan Time) rushing to get public transport (Kintetsu) and make sure we must reach at Kyoto before 11am [ Cause we have an appointment with Okamoto for our Kimono ] 🙂 So excited ! [There are different between Kimono and Yukata, so don’t get confuse]. Please do remember make your booking before you get your kimono because there will be a lot people get their Kimono at >>

在以上的手帳可以明顯看見我當天的行程 ~ 真的非常棒,帶著手帳旅行!
把行李通通都先把它們安頓好後, 就不管三七二十一了,直接匆去搭巴士到預約的和服店
記得要提早先上網預約, >>

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

Feeling so excited with Kimono ! A lady with Kimono can be so elegant, you never know ! hahaha !
5,000 yen for a set of kimono (one day not include hair do)

第一次穿上和服,感覺怎麼樣?哈哈 ~ 只能說整個人優雅了許多 「沒有機會寒背」是非常好的事情
由於在和服店裡特別多人,不太方便帶上手機拍照所以少了許多照片,可惜阿~ 要不然你可以看見一大堆的美女忙著搶和服還有配飾!LOL !
如果你想知道我預約的是那個配套的和服,最貴的那一配套是 : 5,000 yen 「正裝套餐」呵呵!

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

If you wore kimono before then you will know that’s not easy to walk … Hahaha !
[Stocking with slipper] You gonna walk very slow and elegant. After few hours later, i’m tired…
一路上就是穿上和服,慢慢的一步一步走~ 想走的再粗魯都根本沒有辦法 ⋯⋯

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014Never forget to say Thank you to my dear ‘Tour Guide’,Eric. He take a lot nice picture ! That’s why you can see my #ootd (Outfit of the day) at here. All taken with his film camera. *Thank you thank you*
當然要特別感謝我的導遊, Eric 不斷的替照像,否則真的沒有照片可以與你們分享!哪有多可惜啊!
Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

One of my favorite shot at Kiyomizu Temple 🙂
I love the weather (Not too hot or cold) just make me feel so good !
大愛大愛那裏的陽光還有空氣少不了那裏的溫度! <3  走過清水寺後拍的

Fujifilm zoomdate with Xtra400

Can’t remember how long we walked. Some how there are a small place to rest and we get our light dessert at here.
I miss the dessert so much. Like the soft and QQ texture. Is good to try some authentic dessert from Japan.
就是在這我們休息一會,嚐嚐日本的路邊的小甜品:丸子! 感覺就是 軟軟卻很QQ的丸子,好好吃!「我特別想念」呵呵!

Fujifilm Xtra400 @ Japan

If you visited Kiyomizu Temple then you must visit : Ninenzaka > Sannenzaka > Hanamikouji
You can see a lot unique souvenir shop (Mostly is very traditional shop). The photo above are taken with my film camera : Fujifilm f2.8, if you interest to see more picture please click my pervious blogspot.
後來我們也走到 三年板 > 二年板  > 花見小路
人真的還非常多,多半都是旅客較多,這是使用zoomdate f2.8膠片相機所拍的,有興趣可以看回之前的部落篇 ⋯⋯

Fujifilm Xtra400 @ Japan

Through blog that i read, they stated you will see a lot Geisha at Hanamikouji. Well, i did manage to meet 2 of them at Sannezaka. 🙂

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014Japan Kyoto Trip 2014
Once again, thanks to Eric who really help me take a lot shots. Some of the shots wasn’t that good but still appreciate it !
中途,eric 也是替我照了幾張,也許是燈光不足所以偏暗,美中不足,好可惜啊⋯⋯

Kyoto is famous Sweet Dessert so we tried the famous Dessert at Kagizen. The popular signature item is the kuzukiri, which is iced translucent jelly noodle to be dipped in brown sugar syrup. [950 yen per item] Personally don’t really like it but that is worth to try. 🙂 Too bad! i didn’t manage to snap the photos ! Because phone and camera already low battery ! *sad*
途中其實我們都到 -健善良房 嘗試他家的出名甜點 – 葛切粉
就好像是冷面加冰 ,額外還有黑蜜是占著吃 950 yen 一碗,一杯綠茶都要 500 yen. 怎麼沒有照片,我只能說手機還有電話都沒有電池了!*.*

Japan, Kyoto - Zoomdate f2.8 with Rossman400

Japan, Kyoto - Zoomdate f2.8 with Rossman400

After returned Kimono, we visited : Chion-in Temple > Yuzen Garden > Hojo Garden. Night view will be much more special to visit these places. Highly recommended. Thank god that, i still manage to get picture with my film camera and share with you all.

後來還了和服後我們的搭車到知恩院走走,非常可惜的手機還有相機都沒有電了!「抓狂中!怎麼可以沒有電啊?」結果唯有用zoomdate拍了. 如果照片矇了也是沒有辦法了~ 哈哈 !慶幸還有照片分享~ 感恩!
知恩院 >友禅苑>方丈庭園

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014
Tonkotsu Ramen Ichiran is a must TRY ! Really fall in love with this Ramen! Don’t miss this !
感謝Eric啦!帶我們到日本最好吃的 一蘭拉麵!我只能說不是我肚子餓,餓到非常的離譜所以才說那麼好吃 ! 哈哈 !

Japan Kyoto Trip 2014

Nothing is impossible ! One day we visited a lot of places and really feel satisfy ! Personally prefer visit more places but not too packed. With this schedule, i still can handle. 🙂 Once i get back to hotel, and i continue to write all the postcard. [Just a note to all my BFF, share about my trip with my little postcard. Hope they gonna receive it soon ! ]
If you want to view more Kyoto Photos, you can check out at here
你收到了嗎?==lll 我想如果現在還沒收到,你可以報失了!

更多京都 Kyoto 的照片就點擊這裡
為了這次的文章,花了不少時間啊~ 希望大家喜歡!我會加油寫下一篇⋯⋯

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