Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng, KL

– Bankers Room –
Restaurant. Lounge. Club

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Just launched few days ago.
Too bad that i was’t in the town that’s why i missed their grand opening.
yesterday, i was attending a private birthday party.
That’s why i am here !!!

Here we go,
Half of the space is the Restaurant & Lounge

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Glamorous Decoration with all the lights and mirrors

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Half of it, is for Clubbers
(Normally will start at 11 onwards )
Have see any club with a beautiful Long runway ?
Here it is. !!!
If you have any fashionshow / events you can consider Bankers Room.

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Bankers Room, do serve Western fusion gourmet and extensive liquor selections.
Let’s try their food.

Starter with Prawn

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

House Salad

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia PengBankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Minestrone Soup
Classic italian vegetables soup serve with italian garlic crostinni
*Love the soup*

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Main course
Miso Glazed Black Cod
serve with mussels Hoegaarden Beurre Blanc
*Delicious, but the portion is not enough for me *

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Roulade de Poulet 
*Just normal, taste like chicken rice ~ hahaha*
Actually i tried other main course as well :

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Duo of Lamb
Grilled Lamb Rack
The best main course compare with others

Grain Fed Ribeye
Serve with Merlot Butter sauce with bone marrow
Personally will think take the well cook will be nicer

Dessert : Banker’s Tiramisu
Served with port red wine
*Quite Good*

Bankers Room @ Jalan Kia Peng

Who’s Birthday celebration ?
Happy Birthday to the one and only Malaysia SuperModel Amber Chia !
Can you believe that she is a mom ?!
Gorgeous !
[Love this photo so much]
Happy Birthday Amber Chia

Bankers Room is a romantic restaurant which you can have candle light dinner with your lover.
However, personally will love to attend fashion show at Bankers Room as well.
The Runway is really impressive !
Looking forward to attend some fashion show at Bankers Room !

Address:  No. 28 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours :  11:00 – 03:00 daily

Reservation : 03-2142 3699

More information please check out their Facebook

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