Sipadan Mabul Lodge – Dive Centre

This post is more details about the accommodation and the Open Water Diving Course.
Got Cha ~~~

Scuba Dive

Sipadan Mabul Lodge & Tours Sdn Bhd – SML
This is where we stay in Mabul.
The instructor at SML are friendly and really awesome.
They even willing share a lot of their experience with you, which i found that is easier for us to catch up the rules and knowledge.


In a Small Island, beside than snorkeling & swimming,
you have no other activity that can kill your time.
This time went to an island with Diving purpose, really something special in my life.

We plan to stay in a low cost accommodation, it is because we spend more time with scuba diving & pointless for us to get a luxury room for 4 days 3 nights.
The price of accommodation is depends on what facility that you require.
A very normal room with fan, just about RM 60 – 80 per night.


The Open Water Diving Course provides English and Chinese version.
So that everyone can choose their comfortable language for understand.
Must keep practice how to put all the equipment together and remove them separately after diving.


For me, i prefer practical instead of reading.
Some of the group learning how to put on all the scuba diving equipments.


A Compass watch with me.
Have to know how to use it when diving, so that won’t get lost.

Scuba Dive

Of course after 3 days 3 night study and practical, i’m graduated !!!
Thank god ~

They are going to night dive.
This course is not applicable for beginner (Open Water Diving Course)
Hehehe… I think after many practice then only can join them. 🙂

DSC00744 copy

Overall for this trip, spend about 1k for the course, equipment & accommodation (included meal as well.) Really a Good experience for me to learn scuba diving.
If you interested with scuba diving, i can recommend you few good dive instrutor.
Now, Plan for next Diving Trip ! Hurray ~~~

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  1. welcome to the underwater world of fun, color and new species.

    have fun n enjoy diving 🙂

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