Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

Another Korean BBQ Restaurant at Pavilion, Level 6
As a Kimchi lover, is a must to try this out.
I hope they can bet down Dae Jang Gum 
Let’s see how !

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

Hmm, after i go thru their menu,
Is kind a limited choice for us.

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

A welcome food as our appetizer 🙂

FOC Appetizer

And Tea of the day : Corn Tea.

Korean Corn Tea

Try something cocktail with milky rice wine and mixed with pineapple liqueur.
Makguli Cocktail – RM 27.90
The taste wasn’t good, tasteless and no pineapple taste at all…

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

Yukhoe Bibimbab – RM27.90
Normally when we see the words “Bibimbab” you will think of hot stone bowl
Too bad this is different and this is cold dish which all of us can’t accept it.

Yukhoe Bibimbab

Kimchi jigae – RM22.90
Kimchi taste is concentra but is slight sour.
My favorite part is the korean pan cake inside this kimchi soup. 🙂
Personally think is quite ok but not good as Dae Jang Gum.
hahaha …

Kimchi Jjigae

Let’s try the BBQ, we choose their special assorted Bulgogi.
Bulgogi Brothers Special 400grm (for 2 person)- RM 81.90
you must be wonder why they will serve you some bread with the meat?
That is for cleaning the BBQ stone.  😀

Bulgogi Brothers Special
Waiting to be serve …Bulgogi Brothers Special

 Really Taste Delicious of their special Bulgogi ~~
Highly recommend this for all of you !!!

Bulgogi Brothers Special

Of course they do serve side dishes, but that is really little choice and nothing special about that. And they serve you corn soup as well. For me, i really don’t like the powder taste.
So sorry, corn soup, i leave you there alone …

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

Sometime you cannot get a toothpick or tissue …
Just check around under the table, you will find them 🙂

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion

Total expenses for 3 person’s dinner,  RM 176.65

Overall, is kind a expensive and limited variety of their dish.
Hope they can improve further. 🙂

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  1. Hi. My boyfriend is craving for some good Korean BBQ but is very picky with the kimchi/ spicy sambal they serve. Does Bulgogi Brothers have this when you were there? Would appreciate your quick response cos we’re planning to go to the one in Pavillion tonight! Hehe. Thanks! 😀

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