MGIM Journey 2012 – Day 3 & 4

Past 2 week, joined Miss Global International Malaysia which held at Miri, Sarawak.
The Pageant was start at 11 July 2012.
All 13 finalist from different places and we build up our friendship from the first day .

Let’s talk about what have we done on the whole pageant Week!
Gonna Skip day 1 & 2 because will combine them as my feeling trough out the whole pageant. 🙂

Day 3
One of my favorite shot.
Credit to Nelson Ng Photographer.

While we back from Bintulu, Sarawak …
Our Bus broke down and we have take a rest right beside the small road …
Everyone have to get down from the bus and waiting some lorry driver to help us out.

While we waiting, we still enjoy the fun ~
We are just hyperactive all the time ~

Fast forward to the next day.
Most Memorable when all finalist visit Entulang Long House at Miri, Sarawak.
All of us are so dirty but we really enjoy it!
She is Natasha, from KK
She really good to everyone and she willing to share anything with everyone.

 4 of us in a group.
Which named as “Forever together”
Not sure why ~ XD
But we did a GREAT JOB!

The most challenging Mission!
Organizer just asked some of us
Do you dare to challenge it?

After jungle tracking …
End up they found this “Ulat Mulong”
They want us to eat it … Hahaha …
Bring it ON! I be the 1st one who eat the worm…

How is the taste?
The taste just like having Peanut in your mouth …
But the special things is the worm is moving in your Mouth !!!

I’m a person who really dare for everything!
What do you think? are you agree with me?

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