8TV Showdown 2012 – Final Battle at KL LIVE

Showdown 2012 Final Battle at KL Live on 4 July 2012!

The Top 3 :
Project Elementz, Dem Lepak Boyz & Soul Gang!
Let’s Check it out how they perform at the last battle !

Round 1 start with the first group – Project Elementz

Follow by Dem Lepak Boyz

Last but not least, Soul Gang !
After 2 weeks observation, i fall in love withSoul Gang as well…
Especially the only female dancer : Nana
Through their dance and choreography, you can see they are really creative and they do have their passion on dance!

Round 2 Battle Dance Start with Project Elementz Street Dance

Dem Lepak Boyz

Soul Gang 2nd Performance

Project Elementz VS Dem Lepak Boyz
Personally prefer project Elementz due to they are good in team work & each of them also did a GREAT JOB!
However Dem Lepak Boyz prefer individual performance rather than team ~
Check it out for more details:

While waiting the result, organizer did arrange quite a lot performance for this competition.

One of my favorite Performance was last year Winner – Elecoldxhot ECX
Really Humor ! Love their Dance !

After all the performance …
The Host announced the champion of year 2012 Showdown is DEM LEPAK BOYZ!
8TV Showdown 2012 Winner Dem Lepak Boyz

As conclusion, Win or lose it does’t matter when come to certain situation …
As long as you think you are better than others and you did learn a lot from the competition.
I understand that putting effort and the end result wasn’t think as you thought but in this world, when come to competition there always only have one winner and losers …

Honestly from they kicked Soul Gang from Top 2, i did felt disappointed …
But Soul Gang really did a GREAT PERFORMANCE!
At least, audience and supporter can see who is the real CHAMPION !
If you love Dance, you have the passion please go further …
Never give up when you lose in a competition !

For Group of PEZ & Soul Gang …
Wish you guys all the best in future !

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